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Hfa adai mambisisita webpage-hu!

Hafa adai! And welcome to my corner on the web. Stay a bit, and have a bowl of makkolli.

I'm always trying to update my website with pictures and news, so come back often!

NEWS 31OCT2008. I've been REALLY REALLY busy the last three months, been doing some things on YouTube with my uke (picked up one in May and have been teachin' myself how to play it) Anyways, I've got a few youtube videos of my "suckage" on the ukulele at www.youtube.com/jamesbamba and here are some songs that I've worked on...

Guahan (Guam - Baba B) - I translated this song into CHamoru, tell me what you think.
Nanan-mami - JD Crutch - I'm "attempting" to learn this song.. not easy. :D
Ugly Chamorita - Jesse-boy Aquino - This song I found on Youtube, it's pretty funny. :D It's here

Here's my updated personal website... working on two different styles have much to put in here. Have migrated these webpages from www.ginen-guahan.com to this domain, www.jamesbamba.com, Should be updated very soon. :) LOTS OF PICS! and lots of fun stuff.. check back often! -Jimmy 01mar2007

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